Annabelle Reads & Signs: A Baby Sign Language Story

This week we are featuring Annabelle and her daddy reading from the Signing Time Book Collection.

Video: Anabelle Signing at 12 months

From her mom Kaiya:

We started signing with Annabelle around six months but were not very consistent with signing.  When we saw the Summer of Signing Challenge, we jumped on the opportunity to get a Premium Baby Sign Language  Kit for her as soon as the challenge started.  She watches Baby Signing Time most days because she loves the music.  She learned milk fairly early, but it was her only sign for a long time and she started using it for everything (it’s her give me give me sign).  Next she learned more, although for a long time we had to actually sing her the more song in order to get her to sign it.  Around eleven months she picked up a few more words:  eat, drink, and, dog.  She is now 12 and a half months and knows 10 words.
We went to the horse park yesterday and she spent the whole time signing horse and then pointing to the horses.  She was so excited.  I had no idea she knew the sign for horse (although it is on the video she watches).  It took me a few minutes to realize what she was signing because she is not capable of the more advanced signs and has modified almost all her signs.  However, when she does it consistently anytime she sees a horse or we ask her about a horse, it becomes obvious that is what she means.  When we got home from the horse park I noticed she was doing a similar sign only pointing to her nose instead of her head and I thought she was just getting sloppy with horse.  Today she  was doing the sign with her daddy, saying Ca, ca, ca over and over again and pointing.  Neither of our cats were in the room so Daddy told her there were no cats, until i realized she was pointing to a cat figurine on the wall.  It is very exciting to realize that she knows more than we could possibly realize so young.  Now she has to train us to do all the signs that she knows.
  Most of her signs are modified because she can’t handle the advance hand movements yet.  Eat and Drink end up looking the same so we have to pay attention to context.  she can’t figure out the pinching motion for cat, so she points where the whiskers go.  Even so, she is very consistent with most of the signs she knows and she is very good a getting her point across.  They may not meet your requirements for the challenge, but she is signing and has a great vocabulary for at 12 month old baby!

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