Limited Holiday Offer Baby Sign Language Kits 100% Free!

From November 18, 2014 to December 1st 2014 you can purchase any of our baby sign language kits and receive a full refund upon submitting a video of your baby signing 10 signs or more.

Free Christmas Kit

All Baby Sign Language Kits Qualify for 100% Refund!

Here is how:

  1. Purchase your baby sign language kit
  2. Keep your confirmation email dated from 11/18/2014 to 12/1/2014
  3. Submit your qualified video of your baby signing 10 signs or more to [email protected] along with your confirmation email.
  4. Once your video has been reviewed and approved by meeting the qualifications below we will paypal you the the total cost of your kit minus shipping.


Purchase Your Kit Before December 1st to Qualify

Here are some samples:

Clara’s Story  

Janina’s Story

Wyatt’s Story

Some Tips That Will Help:

We are looking for babies between four and eighteen months to best feature the benefits of BSL. (If your baby is slightly older or younger submit your  video, we won’t be checking IDs). Here are some tips for making a great video.

  1. Make sure there is lots of good lighting
  2. Seriously, you can’t have enough light
  3. Use the highest resolution video capture available (iPhone / Smartphone videos are fine)
  4. Catch baby in a playful mood, clothed and clean
  5. Try to maintain an uncluttered backdrop and foreground
  6. Limit background noise or distractions (TV off)
  7. No editing necessary
  8. 1 to 5 minute videos

The small print:

  • Your video must be set in landscape format, be clear (not shaky) and have a clean and orderly background if at home or contextual background if you are making a compilation of baby signs in real-life and on the road. 
  • It can be a continuous recording or you can stitch it from different takes if that is easier for you.
  • The video must have a minimum of 10 signs
  • We want you to enclose a paragraph telling us about your signing experience. Please make it 300 to 500 words
  • There is no time limit for submission but we do ask for baby to be under 24 months at the time of the video
  • Videos are subject to the approval of our Multimedia Manager, but don’t worry if yours needs revisions we will email you and give you a chance to retake.
  • We do all the editing for you. It is OK to submit raw video as long as it is good quality.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When is the time limit for submission?

-No time limit as long as your baby is under 24 months at the time the video is recorded

2. Can I do a time-lapse as my baby progresses?

Yes, we encourage you to keep the camera rolling and stitch together the best moments of baby’s learning journey

3. Can I participate if I am outside the United States?

Yes you may, keep in mind that we will only refund the cost of the Premium Kit. You are responsible for shipping costs, but we Do ship worldwide.

4. Can I include more than one baby?

Absolutely! If you have multiples or you run a daycare you are encouraged to participate

5: Do I need to present proof of purchase?

Yes, you will need to send us a copy of your purchase confirmation email.


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Send your video & story to:

[email protected]

One Response to “Limited Holiday Offer Baby Sign Language Kits 100% Free!”

  1. Renju Aji

    Hi, my daughter Saira is 4 years old and she has profound hearing loss. We visited your site and found your resources very useful. Can you please advice us the best package for our daughter.

    Thanks and regards, Renju

    ADMIN – Hi Renju,

    The Basic Kit and perhaps the story books make the most sense for your daughter. The more expensive kits add DVDs and they aren’t going to be as useful to a child with hearing loss as they are largely song driven.

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