Infant Air Travel-How to Make it Work

Traveling with a baby presents a variety of challenges for the parents, the baby and those sharing the plane with you. Because everyone must eventually face their first time of traveling with baby we wanted to give you some quick tips to make it work.


The first step toward making traveling with baby comfortable and peaceful is to put yourself on your baby’s shoes and try to anticipate the needs, stressors and challenges they are likely to face pre-flight during the flight and upon arrival.

Pick Travel-Friendly Clothes

Dress yourself and baby with practical and comfortable clothes that allow ease of movement. Consider layering. Before the trip work on teaching baby the signs for hot and cold. Knowing how to convey discomfort as far as temperature is concerned will help a whole lot when it comes to keeping a calm and happy baby during the plane ride.

Bring Quiet Interactive Toys

Airplanes are not the best place to bring toys with lights or sounds. Unless your toddler is headset-ready bring smaller, quiet interactive toys such as signing books, or books with a variety of tactile input via texture. Also consider a small teddy with heartbeat or womb sounds.

Sucking Motion to Manage Ear Pressure

During take-off and landing consider giving baby a pacifier or allowing him to latch and nurse to reduce the discomfort caused by atmospheric pressure.

Pack Smart Snacks

Keep snacks handy for baby and teach him to sign their favorites such as cereal or bread. Stay away from messy snacks that might result in awkward moments with your row neighbors.

Be the Buffer

If you are in a three seat row and you have reserved a seat for your baby or toddler position yourself as a human buffer by taking the center seat.

Play with Flashcards

If your toddler has a rich signing vocabulary consider bringing flashcards with you or printing a mini set. Show your toddler a card and ask them to sign for you. This will keep their hands and their minds busy.

Burn Some Energy Before Boarding

Consider taking your toddler for a walk before boarding the plane or plan the flight schedule around their nap time Teach baby the sign for sleep so that he can convey his need for rest.

Be a Good Neighbor

Earplugs cost pennies. Bring several pairs and have them handy as a peace offering for your fellow travelers. It is a small gesture that can go a long way

Mama Sets the Tone

Babies can sense stress. Be a calm and peaceful traveler and handle situations as they come. Babies read emotions and quickly adopt the same attitude you are portraying.

Happy Travels!



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