Mika & Jayde-A Baby Sign Language Video Story

Earlier this year we invited everyone to participate in our Summer of Signing Challenge, Jayde and Mika were the first one to accept the challenge and we were delighted to receive their video where Mika shows us a ton of wonderful baby signs for her favorite things.

You still have time to enter the Summer of Signing Challenge, while we are currently out of Premium Kits due to high demand you can purchase the Standard Baby Sign Language Kit and still qualify for a 100% refund on the price of your purchase upon submitting a qualified video.

This is their story:

“When I was pregnant with my daughter, a friend told me that her daughters were learning sign language at daycare and explained how brilliant it is that they are able to tell her when they want milk instead of water and not have a tantrum over it.
I was so amazed by the concept that I decided I would make a point of joining a class and exposing my child to sign language as soon as we could.
I researched and found a great 8 week introductory class which we attended once a week when Mika was about 8 months.
It took her until she was about 10 months to actually sign milk and from then on, she LOVES to sign and truly gets great pleasure in her needs being met & us understanding her right away.

The class we did used a bunch of the songs from Signing Time including the theme song; “It’s signing time with Alex & Leah” in fact this was the first song I’d seen her dance too! It was played at the beginning of class and I would play it for her too at home when I’d set aside time to sign with her, it’s a great introduction to “signing time.”

Mika is 16 months now and loves to point out everything she sees, the neighbours cat, birds on the wires, dogs that cross our path, the flowers she sees and butterflies that fly by.
It’s a pleasure to feed her because she signs eat if she’s hungry, let’s me know when she would like more and signs all done so I can clear her plate before any messes.
Sign language has been an absolute gift for us and I’m so thankful that we started when she was 6 months and now can sign so much to us.
Mika’s favorite signs at the moment include “outside” since she loves the outdoors and pointing out all the things she sees,
water” she is obsessed with swimming and any body of water, especially when it comes from the sprinklers or a hose pipe and fountains. Getting dressed is also fun now since she loves to sign shoes and hat which always remind me to check we have both before we leave the house.
Grass is her latest word.
My personal favorites are her manner signs, please & thank you.
I think it’s too sweet for words to ask me for “more please” when I give her, it’s met with a “thank you” sign.
My heart melts for good manners and it’s wonderful to see her use these at the park when other kids share their snack or toys.”

We absolutely adore how Jayde has been looking forward to signing with her baby from the time she was pregnant. The last trimester is a fantastic time to get ready for your little ones by learning the basic signs.

We are also thrilled to see how Mika has progressed from communicating her needs to expressing complex sentiments such as gratitude and generosity as she engages with other little ones in play.

Thank you so much Jayde & Mika for letting us be part of your life.

The www.babysignlanguage.com Family


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