Baby Sign Language Video Updates-Janina’s Story

When it comes to raising and educating little ones there is no better encouragement than community. At we have found that we can help you in your own baby sign language learning process by giving you an insider’s view of the learning progress of babies growing up in families just like yours.

Ancsi (Janina’s mom) is a great friend of the baby sign language community and you can often find her on Facebook giving encouragement and tips to other moms and caregivers. Ancsi lives in California and hosts baby sign language group learning sessions using the baby sign language flashcards.

Ancsi began signing to Janina when Janina was 2 months old. Janina signed for the first time at seven months old. Baby sign language has proved to be very useful as a transitional tool for multilingualism as Janina learns to navigate back and forth from Hungarian to English. At 18 months Janina can sign almost 100 baby signs. In her video update you will be able to see how Janina transitions from baby sign language into verbal expressions.

You can read their baby sign language story here

By creating her own signs and combining signs to convey concepts Janina is showing great cognitive development. Ancsi, thank you again for sharing your journey with us.

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