Ava & Ashleigh Sign-A Baby Sign Language Video Story.

As a parent you are tasked with the precious task of shaping the mind of a little person. Your mission is to help your babies discover the world that surrounds them and learn to effectively interact by communicating their needs and expressing their likes and interests. Watching a baby progress and achieve new heights in terms of communication and interaction is truly delightful.

We wanted to share with you a really special video that goes beyond watching the final results of baby sign language. In this sweet video, Ashleigh, mom to Ava gives us her testimony and shares useful tips and reminders of what is working for her as she walks alongside Ava in a journey of joyful learning.

If you are just starting in your baby sign language journey you will find Ashleigh’s interview highly encouraging and full of great ideas.

Thank you Ava & Ashleigh for your friendship we are truly enjoying watching Ava grow. She is a smart and beautiful little gir!

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