Kinder Keepsakes & Baby Sign Language Huge Gift Basket Giveaway!

We love that all of Kinder Keepsakes’ products are handmade with love. Their Luvi blankets are the perfect lovies for any child. They’re ever so soft, and they have the head and tail of a stuffed animal, which makes them great best friends for your little one. Little Tag Luvi blankets have several of the best parts of any lovie – the tags! One of the cutest custom products that Kinder Keepsakes makes is Baby Graduation Caps and Gowns! They also make Mommy n’ Me Bracelets, onesies appliqued with ties, and awesome gifts baskets. These make excellent presents for any parent and child!


You can enter to win a super sweet basket with over $100 of goodies from our awesome friends at Kinder Keepsakes

LUVI BLANKET – Each blanket is handmade with ever-so-soft, high quality Minky Fabric and the cutest stuffed animal. The blanket measures 19×19 inches and is just the right Luvi to comfort even the fussiest babies! This baby safe comfort blanket passes all CPA codes and regulations and is even 100% machine washable. This is a great addition to any tot’s life! Retail Value : $34.99 each – two included
Little Tag Luvi – The Little Tag Luvi gives a child all of the comfort and fun of the Large Luvi in a travel sized blanket! The bright colors and neat textures of the ribbon keep children engaged, while the high quality Minky fabric gives that oh so soft comforting feel. All blankets are 100 % machine washable and super safe for your baby! Retail value: $14.99 each – two included
Appliqued Tie Onesie – Want your little boy to look like a little man without having to hassle with a tie or bow tie? This is the thing for you! This little applique tie works perfect for any holiday and every special occasion! Retail value: $10.99
Mommy n’ Me Bracelets- Show off your style and celebrate your mother daughter bond with Mommy n’ Me bracelets! Each bracelet is made with the finest Cats Eye Beads and are made with very strong elastic for easy sizing. All bracelets are lead free and completely safe for both mother and daughter! Retail value $14.99 for the set of two bracelets

Do you have any Kinder Keepsakes? Consider teaching your baby the following signs! Blanket  Basket  Dress Up  Shirt
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