Deluxe Kit & Flashcards Join the BSL Summer Challenge Due to Popular Demand

Thank you so much to all the moms that decided to join the Summer of Signing Challenge. The promo was so hot we ran out of Premium Kits. Because we want everyone to get a chance to learn to sign for free we have decided to extend the offer and include the deluxe kit & the flashcard set.

100% Refund When You Submit Your Video


The rules of the promo remain the same. Buy the basic kit or flashcards between June 21st 2014 and July 21st 2014, work on recording a video with baby demonstrating a total of 10 signs and get a full refund on your purchase (shipping not included).

You can check the details of the promo and how to make your video here: Summer of Signing Challenge

The standard kit is only $39.95 (best value) Click here to buy
The flashcards are only $24..95 Click here to buy



3 Responses to “Deluxe Kit & Flashcards Join the BSL Summer Challenge Due to Popular Demand”

  1. Amanda

    Also it says Basic kit and then further down the Deluxe kit. Which one is in the offer?

    The deluxe kit is our basic kit, the premium kit contains the signing times collection

  2. Amanda

    Does this mean you will not get the premium kit back in stock?

    The premium kit will be back in stock soon

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