Baby Sign Language & Woombie Air Giveaway-The Most Comfortable Way To Swadle

Most newborns love to be swaddled, and a good swaddle can ensure that baby – and mom – get some much needed rest. There are lots of swaddling products on the market, but Woomie is one of our favorites. It’s unique zippered design is easy to put on, and it gives baby enough room inside for movement, while still feeling cozy. The Woombie Air has breathable vents that allow excess heat to escape so you don’t have to worry about baby getting overheated. Woombie also makes baby blankets, towels, hats, dolls, and other accessories that are stylish, soft, and comfortable.


You can win a Woombie Air worth $26

The Woombie Air is the safest and most effective baby swaddle that requires no wrapping. It’s the first breathable baby swaddle that regulates baby’s body temperature by allowing excess heat to escape. All you do is put baby in and zip up; the unique peanut-shaped swaddle gently cocoons baby and the 4-way stretch bebeflex(TM) fabric enables baby to move naturally which helps protect against hip dysplasia. Baby’s arms are not pinned to the side; prevents overheating; and no worries of dangerous, lose blankets unraveling and covering baby’s face. The Mom/Nurse invented Woombie Air re-creates the security and comfort baby felt in the womb and promotes longer periods of sleep from birth to 6 months (or when baby begins to roll).

Does your baby love to be swaddled? Consider learning some of the following baby signs! Blanket  Sleep  Good Night  Quiet


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