Baby Sign Language Premium Kit 100% Free For All !!! Summer of Signing Challenge


If you are a fan of baby sign language chances are you take advantage of the endless free digital resources we provide. In fact, when we first embarked on this project our goal was to make sure every baby in the world could have quality materials regardless of the parent’s ability to purchase it. This summer we want to go all the way and provide every parent and caregiver the opportunity to have a Premium Baby Sign Language Kit containing everything you and your baby need to start signing and progress into advanced pre-verbal communication absolutely FREE.



Purchase your premium baby sign language kit between June 21st and July 21st 2014 get started with the program and get ready to receive a full refund upon graduation.


Time is Limited You Must Purchase Your Premium Kit Between

June 21st & July 21st 2014

Send us a video of baby signing 10 signs or more and enclose a paragraph telling us your signing story and upon approval we will refund you the purchase price of your Premium Baby Sign Language Kit.

Send us a Video of Your Baby Signing 10 Signs or More

& Receive 100% refund of your purchase price

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Here are some samples:

Clara’s Story 

Janina’s Story

Wyatt’s Story

Some Tips That Will Help:

We are looking for babies between four and eighteen months to best feature the benefits of BSL. (If your baby is slightly older or younger submit your  video, we won’t be checking IDs). Here are some tips for making a great video.

  1. Make sure there is lots of good lighting
  2. Seriously, you can’t have enough light
  3. Use the highest resolution video capture available (iPhone / Smartphone videos are fine)
  4. Catch baby in a playful mood, clothed and clean
  5. Try to maintain an uncluttered backdrop and foreground
  6. Limit background noise or distractions (TV off)
  7. No editing necessary
  8. 1 to 5 minute videos

The small print:

  • Your video must be set in landscape format, be clear (not shaky) and have a clean and orderly background if at home or contextual background if you are making a compilation of baby signs in real-life and on the road. 
  • It can be a continuous recording or you can stitch it from different takes if that is easier for you.
  • The video must have a minimum of 10 signs
  • We want you to enclose a paragraph telling us about your signing experience. Please make it 300 to 500 words
  • There is no time limit for submission but we do ask for baby to be under 24 months at the time of the video
  • Videos are subject to the approval of our Multimedia Manager, but don’t worry if yours needs revisions we will email you and give you a chance to retake.
  • We do all the editing for you. It is OK to submit raw video as long as it is good quality.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When is the time limit for submission?

-No time limit as long as your baby is under 24 months at the time the video is recorded

2. Can I do a time-lapse as my baby progresses?

Yes, we encourage you to keep the camera rolling and stitch together the best moments of baby’s learning journey

3. Can I participate if I am outside the United States?

Yes you may, keep in mind that we will only refund the cost of the Premium Kit. You are responsible for shipping costs, but we Do ship worldwide.

4. Can I include more than one baby?

Absolutely! If you have multiples or you run a daycare you are encouraged to participate

5: Do I need to present proof of purchase?

Yes, you will need to send us a copy of your purchase confirmation email.


Send your video & story to:

[email protected]



4 Responses to “Baby Sign Language Premium Kit 100% Free For All !!! Summer of Signing Challenge”

  1. Jessica

    Is the premium kit the same as the deluxe kit?

    The premium kit contains the whole signing times collection. The deluxe contains the full set without the signing times collection.

  2. Jena

    Hi there
    My baby is 14months and does not say any words yet what if he doesn’t sign the 10 signs they only have until the end of summer correct ? Thank u

    Hi Jena,
    The time to submit your video is unlimited as long as the baby is under 24 months on the video and your purchased your kit between June 21 and July 21st of 2014. That gives you 10 months to get all 10 signs!

  3. Bianca

    Hi, I’ve made my purchase of the premium kit fr your website only last night (Singapore time) and I did not come across this great initiatives fr your fb page or webpage.

    May I plead that you would grant us to qualify for the full refund when we send you our baby daughter’s 10 signing video?

    How did I learn abt you n benefits if baby signing? My cousins who lived in LA told us all abt you n highly recommends that our baby gal learn baby sign at a really young age as that will cut down loads of meltdowns n fuss. Baby signing is not common in Singapore n I have been sharing with my new mommy Frds abt baby signing. Pls allow me to feedback that this new initiative fr you is so magnanimous and would definitely benefit many many families worldwide!

    Certainly, we are happy to extend the offer since it is such a recent purchase, please note that shipping and handling will not be refunded. We look forward to receiving your video

  4. Susan Budd

    When I first saw this I was really excited because I would really like to do this with my daughter. Then I saw your requirements. We cannot do 10 signs. Frankly, I’d be happy with one or two. And I would work hard with her, as I do everyday. But you see, she is 5. She has trisomy 18 with severe intellectual disability. She does not talk or walk. But she communicates no verbally all the time through expression and intonation. Her motor skills aren’t the greatest, so to do a precise sign would probably be impossible. But she communicates with us daily.

    It would be nice to see companies like yours reach out to the special needs community with an offer that would be more attainable or specific to the needs of a child with many disabilities. Because, you see, the gift of communication to a child who will most likely never reach most milestones would be such a blessing to both him/her and the family. Most of us are afraid to spend money on different systems because we have no idea if they will work. But you won’t meet a more tenacious and dedicated set of parents either. And they would give it their all to try.

    Dear Susan,
    From the start of our website our goal was to provide free access to anyone that needed the resources. Everything you need to teach and learn baby sign language is in digital and printable format. Our resources can be edited to meet the unique learning differences of each child. Here is a wonderful example with Macy’s Signing Book
    We trust your little girl will go a long way and look forward to hearing updates from you on our Facebook page, we are confident they will be of great encouragement to other moms.

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