WubbaNub Baby Sign Language Giveaway

WubbaNub is one of those baby inventions you see and say, “That’s genius! Why didn’t I think of it?” A combination stuffed animal and pacifier, WubbaNub solves several parenting problems in one. It greatly reduces the number of times your baby will drop and lose their pacifier, and it ensures your baby’s binky and lovey are always close at hand. The silicone, BPA-free pacifier comes attached to your choice of animal, with adorable choices like a baby giraffe, little lamb, monkey, elephant, and more. We love WubbaNub’s ingenuity and downright cuteness, and we know you’ll love it, too!

Our awesome friends at WubbaNub gave us this prize to share with you:

WubbaNub Red Dog and WubbaNub Yellow Duck  Total Value $29.95


WubbaNub© Pacifiers are super cute for sure … but it is the unseen aspects that Moms love the most! They are easy to clean, the patented design helps the pacifier stay near the baby’s mouth … and … best of all the plush attachment prevents the pacifier from being lost, dropped or forgotten! www.wubbanub.com


If your baby has a WubbaNub, consider teaching them some of the following baby signs!

Animal, Pacifier, Duck, Dog


Thank you Wubbanub for sharing goodies with our baby sign language friends!

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18 Responses to “WubbaNub Baby Sign Language Giveaway”

  1. amanda whiltey

    my son has this blue fleece blanket which he drags around everywhere, he refuses to sleep without it.

  2. jenn mcclearn

    my baby has a giraffe wubbanub she has had since birth she drags it around everywhere :)

  3. Emily

    My 4 week old LOVES his wubbanub! It is the best purchase I made! No lovie blanket yet but his duck is his favorite thing!

  4. Jennifer

    my son carries around his little waldorf baby that has a long elf hat that he rubs when he’s sleepy

  5. Wendy Jabkowski

    My baby sleeps with a little blankie at night we call him froggie because it has a frog head attached to the blanket.

  6. Jane B

    My oldest son loved to chew on his wubbanub horse!!

  7. Cassandra Eastman

    My daughter has a Taggies brand blankie that she takes everywhere, it’s hot pink with an owl but she calls it “Bears Naps” it’s too funny!

  8. Sonia

    My son hasn’t been born yet. I am buying many different ones for him to have a good selection.

  9. Michelle T

    My little guy’s favorite blankie is a little Teddie bear he snuggles with. Sometimes when he wants to nurse but not eat he’ll roll on his side and nurse the bear’s nose. It’s super cute!

  10. Andrea Rust

    My son’s favorite blanket is the one my Husband used when he was a little boy that his grandma made him. How sweet is that?!

  11. Arthur Caudill

    I have had a hard time keeping my baby, from giving the dog her pacifiers.

  12. Lauren P

    It’s a fleece blanket that his grandmother made with cars on it. So snuggly soft!

  13. Shyler

    My son doesn’t have any security things. He just plays with his ears when he’s tired.

  14. Sonya Morris

    My little one loves a little stuffed animal dalmation and she carries it everywhere!

  15. Jessica

    My daughter has a personalized blanket that is minky on one side and satin on the other. It was part of her “going home” outfit at the hospital. She is 2 years old now and still has it with her at all times.

  16. Rebecca Parsons

    Her favorite blankie is the cashmere blanket!

  17. Natalie S

    My middle child LOVED his Aden and Anais swaddle blanket – the one with the monkeys. He carried it around sucking his thumb until he was almost 2… was finally able to get it away from him. Although he still sucks his thumb :/

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