Hold Me Close Nursing Baby Sign Language Giveaway

Nursing covers make it easy to breastfeed in public privately, and we absolutely love Hold Me Close Nursing Scarves. Instead of storing your nursing cover in a diaper bag and fishing it out when it’s time to use it, you wear your nursing scarf as a stylish accessory and simply unwrap it when it’s time to nurse. We love how these nursing covers have dual functionality – they’re modern, attractive, and provide excellent cover for you and your baby. You can even wear it as a scarf long after your little one outgrows breastfeeding. This is an excellent nursing accessory, and we love the idea!

The creator runs a really awesome Etsy shop and we wanted you introduce you to some off-the-beaten path products we have tried and loved.

We have 4 to give away in choice of color!

Nursing Scarves

This is what Sondra Hinnenkamp had to tell us about her awesome product:

Tired of using those uncomfortable, hard to use nursing covers? Well here is your stylish solution, the HoldMeClose Nursing Scarf™! This stylish and multi-functional infinity scarf quickly and easily converts into a convenient nursing cover perfect for mothers on the go! The HoldMeClose Nursing Scarf™ easily unwraps to cover not only you and baby while nursing, but also your back and sides too! It provides more coverage than the average nursing cover, while still allowing you to interact with your baby. Wear while you’re pregnant, while you’re nursing, and long after! One less thing in your diaper bag – one more stylish accessory in your wardrobe!

Super easy to use! Need to nurse in public? Just unwrap your HoldMeClose Nursing Scarf™ and pull it over your shoulder, now your ready to feed your little one. All done, just re-wrap it around your neck and be on your way!

Our Nursing Scarves are made from high-quality jersey knit that drapes gently on mommy as a scarf and feels incredibly soft and light against baby while nursing. The edges are RAW as this fabric will gently curl under when washed giving a nice soft edge for baby and mom. This pattern is a SINGLE SIDED scarf, directions are included on how to fold so that you do not even see the backside when wearing as a nursing scarf! They are so stylish you can wear it long after (or before!) little one arrives.

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24 Responses to “Hold Me Close Nursing Baby Sign Language Giveaway”

  1. Melissa Bowers

    I like wearing a nursing tank top under a regular shirt. Then I just lift up my shirt, but my back and stomach stay covered.

  2. Mara

    LOVE these! Expecting my first in September….anything stylish AND functional is fabulous!!

  3. Jessica

    I used a nursing scarf that I made myself but I would love to have the hold me close ones :)

  4. Jennie

    I just try to find a discreet place, since my DD doesn’t want to be covered.

  5. Ashlynn

    I love nursing scarves, they are so much easier to use then any other nursing cover!

  6. Cassandra Eastman

    I find a comfortable place to sit and bring my nursing cover with me. I like to wear a nursing tank as well to keep my stomach covered.

  7. Manda Healey

    I am expecting my first baby in 5 weeks. But I am planning on using a cute accessory like this to provide privacy and to be discreet.

    Thank you for the chance to own this!
    avalenti6936 at yahoo dot com

  8. Kristin

    I like wearing nursing clothes and I do wear a scarf to cover my chest a little. I’ve wanted one of these though since I found out I was pregnant.

  9. Kristyn C

    I have nursing shirts & also nursing in my carrier while out.

  10. Jessica McG

    These nursing scarves seem so practical and cute!

  11. Rebecca D

    I am pregnant with my fourth child and I have tried everything out there. The same issue always arises, my sides and back are exposed along with some covers just being too hot. I’m an extremely shy and modest person by nature, so my personal preference is to cover up. I can’t wait to try the nursing scarf!
    Good luck to all in the entry :)

  12. Melissa

    I usually tote the boppy and a nursing cover everywhere I go. Nursing mom’s have to feed on demand! :)

  13. Emily

    I have a nursing shirt and cover! The cover isn’t very good looking, though.

  14. mary

    I normally wear nursing shirt in public and put a blanket over my shoulder. that normal does the trick.

  15. vivian

    When my kids were small and not very mobile I was able to nurse anywhere easily. I usually had my nursing cover so it was just a matter of finding a comfy spot. That scarf is way cuter and more convenient than what I used.

  16. Sam McAtee

    I normally use a muslin blanket. Very lightweight and cute!

  17. yvonne

    My mother in law has stood guard for me in the mall holding a blanket up. I usually find a fitting room so my daughter isn’t distracted or she will never nurse.

  18. Sarah

    This is an adorable nursing cover I would love it for my new baby!

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