Baby Sign Language Kazam Training Bike Super Giveaway

Learning how to ride a bike is one of the most quintessential activities of childhood. For generations it’s been done the same way, but KaZAM has modernized the process, making it easier for the littlest ones to get the hang of riding a bike. KaZAM balance bikes are bikes without pedals. They provide a unique stepping stone that allows a child to learn the most important part about riding a bike – balance. Pedals only complicate the process, and with a KaZAM balance bike, your child can learn the basics with ease. We’ve loved this product ever since we saw Mark Cuban invest in it on Shark Tank, and we’re so excited to be able to offer a KaZAM balance bike in our giveaway!

Kazam gave us one awesome bike to share with a lucky fan of baby sign language. Valued at $100 but worth far more when it comes to teaching your toddler a priceless life-skill. You get to pick the color

So, say goodbye to training wheels and skinned knees. Designed without pedals, the KaZAM bike allows little riders to develop their balance before introducing pedals making the transition onto traditional bikes seamless. After all it’s the balance that’s the tough part, pedaling is easy! Sit…walk, glide, coast…balance – KaZAM!

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  1. Samantha Young

    I would love to win this my son loves being outside

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