Top Fifty Read-Along Books for Babies & Toddlers. The Little Engine That Could

The Little Engine That Could is almost 100 years old. Written during the Great Depression this lovely book embraces values such as hard work and optimism. The vocabulary is more extensive than what we learned while reading Little Blue Truck.

The version that most of us know and enjoy was written by Watty Piper but there are also older versions of a similar narrativeĀ  under the title The Pony Engine.

While reading this book we will learn to sign new objects and will be able to engage baby by engaging in sound repetition.

The Little Engine That Could With Signs

As you read this book with your toddler you can introduce him to these baby signs:









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The Little Engine That Could gives us a great opportunity to utilize props we already have. Hit the toy box and pull dolls, clowns, trains etc. Let your toddler show you the toy that matches each part of the story.


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