Top Fifty Baby & Toddler Books & Read-Along Baby Signs (Part 1) Animal Books

Together with all our Facebook Baby Sign Language Friends we compiled a list of our most loved books for babies and toddlers. Our first list is focused on books about animals. We have included a few signs associated with each book to help you and baby expand your signing vocabulary while embracing the joy of reading.


Sheep in a Jeep


This book by Nancy Shaw is a lovely treat. While it is recommended for ages 4 and up I think most of us agree that Sheep in a Jeep is a tremendously fun read with endless rhymes lots of silliness and wonder. We love that it incorporates lots of onomatopoeia and has lovely illustrations by Margot Apple. Nancy has a whole series on sheep certainly worth exploring. here are a few baby signs you can incorporate while reading Sheep in a Jeep:






Giraffes Can’t Dance

Giraffes Can't Dance

What is not to love about Giraffes? This book is full of hope as it celebrates differences. We love how it introduces babies and toddlers to new jungle animals. We love it as a book but it is also wonderful as a song. You can listed to it here.

In addition to the improved motor skills achieved by dancing while reading this lovely book we think it makes a great read when combined with these signs:







Enjoy reading and learning new signs. Tomorrow we will continue with two more baby and toddler animal books suitable for learning baby sign language.


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