Signing Stories-James Uses Baby Sign Language with Grandma

Baby sign language is so simple, flexible and easy to learn that it can be shared with the whole family regardless of age. When everyone participates it becomes second nature and it sets the stage for high success and increased baby sign language vocabulary. Older siblings, educators, caregivers and grandparents can all take part as baby learns to communicate his needs using basic signs.

Today’s baby sign language video came to us via Lisa S. Lisa is grandmother to baby James and she is very proud of how James has incorporated sign language and quickly acquired new signs based on the things that surround him. Lisa tells us her story which is unique and special. In their case using signs is not only beneficial for James, it also facilitates the way he communicates with his grandma.

In Lisa’s own words:

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This is my grandson I am hard of hearing and wear hearing aids in both ears and when he was about a year old of course communication with limited so I just started teaching him simple signs that he could learn to tell me what he wanted and from then on we just kept going um there’s videos on there were he will tell me the letters on his blocks along with colors several videos actually of him signing but the video you chose he’s probably 18 months and at that point he had probably 40 signs and that’s just a handful that he did but he always wants to take no more tears off and put them on and can’t wait to do that but I am teaching him sign 2


For James using baby sign language has served to accelerate the way he communicates his needs with every single member of his family. This skill has proved helpful in reducing his frustration and improving his ability to express himself fluidly. As we watched this video of James using baby sign language we found it particularly special to see how James truly relates to grandma and shows a great deal of happiness in his facial expressions as he signs “dog“, “bird” and I love you.

A wonderful way to enlist the whole family without making it burdensome and allowing everyone to quickly refer to the signs baby is using is to post the baby sign language chart in the rooms most commonly used by baby. The free baby sign language chart can also be shared as a digital file with relatives and friends that care for baby when baby is not at home.

Thank you Lisa for sharing your video baby sign language story.

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