Janina Baby Sign Language Story & Video

Today we want to share a wonderful timeline story of baby sign language success. The joy reflected in Janina’s smile as she signs animals such as fish, fruits like apple and banana and expresses her needs for more as she enjoys her lunch is something worthy of admiration. Janina’s mom Ancsi made her own flashcards. We have a large collection of free printable baby sign language flashcards to help you create a customized baby sign language program for your baby based on her needs, wants & preferences. If you are extra busy or you just want to enjoy the whole collection of baby sign language resources inclusive of the Signing Time DVD series take a look at the Premium Baby Sign Language Kit.

In this baby sign language video Janina’s mom has compiled a time-lapse showing Janina using baby signs as early as 7 months all the way to 15 months.

As you read her baby sign language story you will love her testimony on how baby sign language has served as a bridge for bilingualism.

Ancsi, Janina’s mom tells us her story:

“I used to work as a sign language interpreter in Hungary. When we moved to California I started to take American Sign Language classes. (A lot of people don’t know that every country has their own sign language but they might share certain ones.) When my baby was a couple months old I started to sign to her. She was amazed by my hand’s movements but did not respond at all. When she was around 7 months old finally she started signing back.
We talk to her only in Hungarian at home. Even so she picks up many English words and expressions so it seemed that baby sign language is a perfect bridge to expand and straighten her vocabulary. She can already differentiate between the two languages and use the same sign. Janina’s first sign was ‘hat‘ and she used that sign to let me know that she wants to go outside for instance. Now she is 16 months old and uses around 50 signs. Her favorites are butterfly, apple, banana, flower, shoes, please, dog, cat, mouse, cheese, book and baby. Sometimes when she does not know the sign for something she can improvise and ‘invent’ a sign for that subject. For example she uses the ‘bath’ sign pointing the sprinkler hose or combines the car and fan signs after each other for a loud vehicle passing by; every tree is a Christmas tree: she signs ‘tree’ but says karácsonyfa (Christmas tree in Hungarian).
Janina is a joyful toddler girl who can always express herself and has no frustration, tantrum at all. I recommend signing with babies to every parent! It is so easy and has lots of benefits!”

Janina and Ancsi we are so thankful you gave us the opportunity to share your story with moms and dads looking for ways to teach baby sign language. It is so sweet and encouraging to see little ones smile when they are able to express their needs during their pre-verbal stage. We can’t wait for the update. We are sure soon Janina will be able to sign over 100 words.

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