Wyatt Signing at 16 Months (Update)

We have an update on Wyatt, our first signing story. We first met Wyatt when he was 7 months old. His progress has been amazing.

We are really proud of Wyatt and his mom Christi. If you frequent our Baby Sign Language  Facebook page, Christi always has a word of encouragement for new moms and really awesome tips when you feel like you hit a wall with your baby sign language progress. Christi lives in St. Louis where she is a SAM and a photographer.

We want to celebrate your achievements and we have a special rewards program. If you want to participate just like Christi you could receive a really awesome $100 gift card for capturing your video and sharing your story with us. You can learn more about it here

Video: Wyatt Signing at 16 Months
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I first found out about Baby Sign Language through Facebook. I’m a stay at home mom and money is tight- my husband was given a Visa gift card from his work, and he wanted to use it for me. (How sweet!) So he asked what I wanted and I told him I wanted the Deluxe Kit for baby sign language. He was skeptical and indifferent- but loves to please me. So I got it!

Wyatt did his first sign when he was 7 months old- more. We were super excited! He did it for about a month, then stopped – which was disheartening. We kept trying. When he was about 9 months he started responding to it again! He really didn’t sign anything but more – until the day he turned 11 months. It was like a switch turned on and he was ready to learn!

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He’s 16 months now and signs: more, eat, drink, milk, water, bath, please, thank you, toothbrush, tired, keys, all done, all gone, store, swim, and duck/bird.

Wyatt loves to play with the flash cards. I went through them and picked ones out that he is interested in and that applicable to him right now. We usually spread them out on the floor, I sign/say the word and he has to find it. He gets SO excited! Toilet and toothbrush are his favorite!

What I love about babysignlanguage.com is the access to the dictionary. I don’t know how many times we have been out on a walk or at a store and Wyatt pointed at something and all we had to do was bring up the website and find the dictionary. The videos are awesome and help me understand why the sign is what it is. My favorite is store – like you’re giving your money away.



Now my husband is all about baby sign language! Whenever we are out and about- we tell people about it- cashiers, servers… whomever!

Now that Wyatt is in the “getting in to everything stage” we are working on stop, enough, and wait.

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