Twelve Ways Baby Sign Language Can Positively Impact Your Parenting Journey in 2014

1. Baby Sign Language Reduces Frustration

Baby Sign Language Reduces Frustration

During the fall of 2013 we conducted a survey to better understand how baby sign language was helping you as a parent. Over 60% of users indicated that reducing their child’s frustration in conveying needs was the key reason to use BSL. We received many stories of babies as young as four months conveying specific needs such as milk or more. Long episodes of fussiness replaced by clear and quick communication of basic needs and wants

2. Baby Sign Language Helps the Parent-Child Bond

Baby Sign Language Helps with Parental Bonding

As a little one begins to realize that sign language associations result in needs being met baby begins to form a deeper bond with the parent or caregiver as she or he satisfies those needs. This very important bond is particularly beautiful when the child’s needs are addressed quickly reinforcing the value of communication.

3. Baby Sign Language Accelerates Learning

Baby Sign Language Helps Babies Learn Faster

By providing your baby or toddler with a tool to identify objects and emotions even before they develop verbal skills your little one will be able to make connections and associations that will set the stage for better learning processes.

4. Baby Sign Language Improves Social Interactions

BSL helps with baby-to-baby social interactions

If your childcare incorporates baby sign language you are in luck. We have received numerous updates from educators and parents alike telling us how baby sign language helps their little ones engage with other babies and toddlers and effectively communicate complex abstracts such as want, more or share. Baby Sign Language helps little ones have positive social dynamics with other baby sign language users and results in a less chaotic learning environment.

5. Baby Sign Language Sets the Stage For Understanding Series & Groupings


We can’t begin to describe how wonderful it is to capture the attention of little ones when it comes to preferences and interests. By isolating learning units by category, for example animals or food items, parents are able to incorporate the concept of series and begin to introduce their little ones to types.

6. Baby Sign Language Enhances Musical Learning

BSL helps baby make associations as he discovers music

There is no denial music plays an essential role in the way we relate to the world. Early introduction to cadence and rhythm is essential in equipping a child for lifelong learning. Incorporating signs to songs adds dimension to the learning experience and helps little ones understand the meaning of the lyrics in a more personal way.

7. Baby Sign Language Supports Fine Motor Skills

Modeling Baby Sign Language Helps Baby Perfect Finer Motor Skills

By introducing baby to a means of communication that requires motor discipline you give him a tremendous advantage when it comes to motor skills.  As your little one begins to associate specific motions with rewards he will be naturally inclined to refine his or her signs to better mimic your example.

8. Baby Sign Language Introduces Little Ones to Abstracts

BSL Opens the Door to Abstract Concepts & Emotions

In addition to real objects such as toys and food items baby sign language provides early entrance to the world of abstracts. Babies can learn concepts such as volume by using the sign for more, slow or fast. Additionally with the help of baby sign language babies discover the means to express feelings such as happy, sad or tired.

9. Baby Sign Language Helps with Transitions

BSL Helps Create Seamless Stress-Free Transitions

When your little one is ready to join daycare or engage in group activities it is comforting and useful to know that she is equipped to communicate her needs with the assurance that the caregiver will be able to grasp and meet basic requests for food, rest, recreation and affection.

10. Baby Sign Language Facilitates Games

Incorporate Baby Sign Language to Games & Reading Sessions

From object recognition to memory games and long series baby sign language provides parents with the opportunity to engage baby in a didactic process that is fun and can be implemented at home or on the road. Reading together and incorporating signs to the story makes for wonderful parent-child engagement.

11. Baby Sign Language Means the World for Special Needs

Baby Sign Language is life-changing for little ones with learning differences.

We have received so many letters from parents with little ones with cognitive and learning differences. From Down syndrome to Apraxia, equipping toddlers that would otherwise be linguistically isolated with an easy way to communicate is a life-changing experience.

12. Baby Sign Language for the Working Parent

BSL Helps You Make Every Minute Count!

One of the most encouraging types of emails we receive comes from working parents. For someone with limited time having the ability to bond with his child and meet his needs quickly and without much struggle means the world. Baby Sign Language does just that. Instead of trying to guess for what feels like an eternity, little ones can express basic needs, likes and dislikes making the short hours that you get to spend together quality time where peace abounds.

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