Over $5,000 in Prizes-Tell Us Your Baby Sign Language Video Story

In 2013 we had a really successful casting call and collected the best baby sign language videos on the web. The response was incredible and parents around the world responded by recording and editing incredible videos of babies and toddlers using baby sign language to communicate their basic needs describe objects and engage with their caregivers as early as four months old. The testimonies were full of enthusiasm for learning and great parent-child bonding using BSL.

Capture Your Baby's Best Signs

For 2014 we want to invite all parents around the globe to participate in our 2nd annual casting call. The Call will be open year-round to allow you to carefully and lovingly record your child’s achievements and even submit several videos to demonstrate progress, reflect unique settings and display your learning style.

Our goal is to give you a wonderful incentive to creatively capture how you, together with your child discover and apply new baby sign language words.

Here are some of last year’s winners:

Amelie Uses Baby Sign Language

Clara Knows Over 80 Baby Signs

Ted Demonstrates BSL-He Knows Over 70 Baby Signs

Without further ado here are the rules, & rewards for our 2014 baby sign language video contest:

Minimum Baby Sign Language Video Requirements:

  1. Only submit horizontal format videos
  2. Make sure the lighting is rich. We want to have a clear image of baby
  3. Use the highest resolution video capture available (iPhone / Smartphone videos are fine)
  4. Catch baby in a playful mood, clothed and clean.
  5. Set the stage; Use awesome props or contextual exterior backgrounds.
  6. Maintain an uncluttered backdrop and foreground.
  7. Limit background noise or distractions (TV off)
  8. No editing necessary but highly recommended
  9. Qualifying videos must be 75 seconds or more
  10. Child must demonstrate four signs or more
  11. A 300+ words written story telling us about your baby sign language journey. We will publish your story along with your video.

Check out these articles to learn how to create wonderful baby videos:

How to Film Awesome Baby Videos With Your Phone

How to Take a Great Video of Your Baby Using Baby Sign Language

Extra Credit

  1. Twins or multiples
  2. Your video is themed or tells a story. For example: Farm animals, fruits or winter themed
  3. Gorgeous scenic background
  4. Parent & Child using our official baby sign language flashcards
  5. Video is submitted and approved for publication before December 30, 2013


Submission Dates

The 2014 Baby Sign Language Casting Call begins today and runs until December 15 2014


All approved videos will receive a $50 Amazon, Starbucks or Paypal Gift Card. Videos that qualify as premium or extra credit will receive $100 reward.

Grand Prize

The best video for 2014 will receive a $300 reward and will have a featured interview on our blog. If you are blogger here is your chance to reach thousands of parents. Don’t miss out!


What are my chances of getting by baby sign language video and story published and receiving a reward?

If you meet the minimum requirements you have 90% chance of receiving a reward.

When will I know if my video qualified?

Our Website Manager will let you know within 7 days of submission. The Website Manager has final and sole authority to approve videos and grant extra credit awards.

Can I submit a revised/improved video if mine is not selected?

Yes you may resubmit

What are the age limitations?

From birth to 3 years of age

Can preschools and daycare facilities enter as a team?

Absolutely, but please obtain parental permission to record

How many videos can I submit?

If your videos are awesome and your baby displays a different set of signs or a different theme of each video you are welcome to submit up to 4

Can I participate if I don’t live in the US?

Absolutely, we encourage worldwide participation

How will you send my reward?

We will send your reward via email once your story has been published.

What about intellectual rights to my video?

By participating in the casting call you grant www.babysignlanguage.com unlimited use of your submission with no additional compensation beyond your reward.


How to Submit

Send your video along with your 300+ word narrative to [email protected]


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