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Today in our signing signing stories we have Ted and his mom Cam. Check out the video and hear about all the creative signing they have been up to!

Ted Signing at 15 months
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We liked the idea of signing with our baby boy, Ted, and started almost immediately (we were new to signs, so we wanted to give ourselves plenty of time to get the hang of it).

When, by 11 months, Ted still wasn’t using any signs, we decided to go to a proper baby signs class in case we were doing something wrong. His first sign, more, turned up a week before his first birthday and three days before the class was about to start!

Since then, he’s been picking up new signs every day and now, almost four months later, he uses about 70. He doesn’t normally enjoy just showing them off without a reason, so we had to trick him into doing these

It blows our minds that we can chat away with him all day long despite the fact that he can only actually say a handful of words! He loves his signs, and watching the videos on your website is one of his favorite shows.

This is what made me giddy today:

As I was putting Ted to bed, we were reading From Head To Toe. At the moment, the page with the seal is his favorite, and we kept coming back to it over and over again. Finally, he started pointing to the window the way he does when he can hear the neighbors’ dog, and I realized he was asking about the seal. I told him there were no seals in the yard, because they lived in the sea. He looked at me, and excitedly signed ocean, as he does when I tell him we’re going to the beach. I couldn’t believe it. I now know that my 16mo knows seals live in water, without ever having seen one, yet!

He’s also starting to get really inventive with his signs. I showed him how to blow a dandelion, and the next time he saw one and wanted it, he signed pinwheel flower. Apparently, we’ve only ever blown at pinwheels until now, and in his mind that’s what dandelions are most closely related to. :)

Thank you, guys! Your website is amazing and the videos are the most helpful tool ever!

Cam & Ted

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  1. crystal

    My son has a cleft lip and palate. For the first 2 years of his life I couldn’t understand a word he was saying so I looked into sign language so I could have another way of understanding him. He knew less then 50 words. If your child doesn’t know more than the normal word amount for their age they are considered behind. I put my son into speech therapy and that didn’t do much for him. It was up to me to do all the work so I was spending money every week to pay for a therapist to come out and check on him to see if he has improved. Soon that became impossible to do, so I needed to have something affordable and easy access so when I decided to teach him sign language I was looking online to see if there was something I could use. And i found it! This has been the greatest tool for me. I would recommend it to anyone who wants their child to sign.

  2. Trissa

    He is so cute and so smart! My son is 16 months old, he can only say a handful of words too so I’m now trying to teach him signs. Your story is so wonderful to me :)

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