Jackson Signs

This week, our signing star is Jackson. Jackson was taught by his mom Marissa, and they share their story. Check out the adorable video of Jackson doing the sign for more.

Video: Jackson Signing More at 7 Months
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My son is a week shy of 8 months and we have been doing signs with him since the week of his 6 month birthday.

We decided to begin signing on a regular basis with the obvious eat, all done/finished, and more but we also signed change for diaper changes, water, play and “toys along with many other at random signs without consistency.

Within the last week he has signed change 5 times (only with poop in his diaper) and all done in the eating context which is great! And today he signed water.

I’m submitting a video of him signing more and what sounds like an attempt at saying more along with the first sign. I was filming for another project I’m participating in called “1 second every day” but I got lucky and filmed his first more this is technically his 3rd sign.

He is also shaking his head no which is very surprising. He is easily calmed by signing while singing the alphabet as well 🙂 I think the dual visual and auditory pair is what works well.

It’s so rewarding to be able to communicate and understand his desires. We have made a sign chart and plan to begin extensive incorporation.

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