Baby sign language at home & on the road

Perhaps your little one is already a well-versed signer and is quickly showing progress on verbal skills. The basics are covered and you seldom see tantrums or meltdowns.  As their world expands we are compelled to expose them to new vocabulary. Some new words have day-to-day application others are very distant to their surroundings but equally relevant in shaping a child that has fluid communication skills.


Perhaps like us you live hundreds of miles from the ocean and a good drive away from a farm. Still you wish to introduce your little one to the terminology. If this is the case, do not fret. There are wonderful alternatives and effective methodology to achieve this goal.


New words at home

Make it a point to introduce your child to two-dimensional concepts foreign to their surroundings by using books.  Select highly imaginative books that allow you and your child to travel to far away lands facing situations new situations and exploring new objects. Delight in teaching your child about the jungle as they learn the sign for lion and explore galaxies as they learn to sign star.






New words on the road

If you are planning a vacation consider making some preparations for enhanced vocabulary acquisition. If heading to the ocean or lake, be prepared with the proper flash cards. If your destination is the mountains it is time to reinforce bear or rain.


As you increase the vocabulary of your little one you will also create wonderful stamps in their memory that are further reinforced by verbal and gestural communication.

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