The Link Between Language Development and Behavior (Part II)

The ability to communicate is closely tied to behavior, which is why so many tantrums can be averted by a baby’s ability to sign what they need or want. The jump start that girls take in language learning isn’t just a verbal one.

There are many other facets of development that differentiate our girls from our boys. Learning to optimize these differences can be highly beneficial for both parent and child.

How a child behaves while engaged in learning will impact the speed, quality and results of their intellectual, linguistic and emotional development.



As a newborn, our son was much more interested in Daddy’s voice than Mommy’s. So, I wasn’t surprised to learn that boys hear lower pitched (men’s) voices easier than they hear higher pitched (women’s) voices. Girls are good listeners and more perceptive to tone; you may notice they listen to ‘how’ you say a command before they decide whether to follow it.


Sitting Still:

With more brain area devoted to verbal functioning, girls are better at sensory memory, the complexities of reading and writing and will even achieve the art of “sitting still” sooner than most boys. Meanwhile, our little boys want to move! They are more likely to move objects through the air and take more risks.


While BSL flashcards may have been great for your daughter, your son may not sit still long enough to go through very many. Try combining with activities babies enjoy – a bath time or dinner time flash card game works well. Let us know how it goes!


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  1. Mey Lau

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  2. Rose Mendoza

    This is good to know because I just started doing the signing with my husband. Thank you for such encouragement and up to date information for parents!

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