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In the coming months we will revamp the website, and we want to hear from you. After visiting the site and starting to teach your baby, what questions did you have? What extra resources did you need? Are there some tips and tricks you discovered that everyone needs to know?

Two changes that will be coming are more signs and a forum. We heard a lot over the last year, that you need more signs. So we have shot an extra 800 signs and these will be coming in the coming months. Many of you also asked for a place to talk to other signing parents. So in the next month, we will try out a forum where you can discuss all things signing.

So let us know how we can help more parents teach their babies to sign.

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  1. andrea

    This helps me to educate families regarding sign language use with infant/toddlers with language delays. I find the video modeling to be a wonderful free resource for families to access.


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