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In the coming months we will revamp the website, and we want to hear from you. After visiting the site and starting to teach your baby, what questions did you have? What extra resources did you need? Are there some tips and tricks you discovered that everyone needs to know?

Two change that will be coming are more signs and a forum. We heard a lot over the last year, that you need more signs. So have shot an extra 800 signs and these will be coming in the coming months. Many of you also asked for a place to talk to other signing parents. So in the next month will try out a forum where you can discuss all things signing.

So let us know how we can help more parents teach their babies to sign.

6 Responses to “Help Us Help You”

  1. Laura

    Hi! I am a first time visitor to your website, and am loving it so far! I love how easy it is to navigate, and how clear everything is (start here, then move here), so my heart sank a little when I read this post. It’s great that you’re adding things and making it an amazing resource for advancing BSL, but please make sure it remains an amazing resource for *beginning* BSL!

    ADMIN – Hi Laura,

    Thanks for the tip. Beginner friendly is key!

  2. Catherine

    I LOVE this site, and I’d love it even more if there were some more songs on here, especially ‘Twinkle Twinkle’!

  3. S

    Hi, I love the site – thank you! Can you add signs for getting dressed and getting undressed? I’d love my daughter to betting understand these abstract concepts if possible. Thanks again!

  4. Ana

    Hi, i wonder if is possible like songs and what levels of signing we should cover, like name of things, security words, letters, maybe the questions is what kind of levels of signing we should teach or until when? the final step is they should read?? or the final step is when they should talk?? thanks

    ADMIN – Hi Ana,

    When you start, I would start with five simple words that you use frequently and that your child would be motivated to learn. (milk, more, mom & dad are the most common first signs). Once your child get proficiency with those signs, you can start expanding your vocabulary. The choice of words should follow your baby’s interests. Once you have a big vocabulary (100+ words) and baby can acquire new signs easily, only then I would move to more abstract concepts like letters.

    The natural transition for most children will be to go from signing to speaking. When you keep repeating the words along with the sign, children will start imitating your speech. At first it will be very basic vocalizing, but as they get practice and confidence they will get better at talking. When they get better, you will notice most children transition away from the signs to the spoken word because they find it easier and because it is what they observe most other people doing.

  5. Cheyanne

    I was wondering- about how long before our little ones start signing back? I started when she was about 6-7 months, she is now 10 months and understands most of the signs (by the look on her face, excitement, etc…) but she is not yet signing back. Thank you! Cheyanne

    ADMIN – Hi Cheyanne,

    That is great that your baby recognizes the signs. For a baby starting at 6-7 months, the average age to see signing around 9-10 months. But, even then there is a great deal of variation between babies. Some will take a little longer and some will be a little quicker. Just stick with a few basics signs and find lots of opportunities to integrate them into your day and you will get there soon.

    Often signing comes in around the time babies start imitating everything you do. If she recognizes the signs, it is another clue that they are getting close.

    Don’t stress, and hang in there. It will happen and it will be a great feeling for both of you when it does.

  6. Kait

    SONGS! You suggest keeping it fun and light with songs, but at times my brain is fried and can’t come up with any. The eating one is great, so I would love some more ideas of songs and rhymes to go with signs.

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