7 Responses to “H Words: Baby Sign Language Flash Cards”

  1. Carie

    Will you be adding a flashcard for help?

    ADMIN-Hi Carie,
    We should have the sign for help loaded next week

  2. Megan

    Hi, I love this site and love that I’m able to communicate so easily with my one-year-old! I also was wondering about the sign for “help.” It would really be useful now that she’s starting to get frustrated trying to play with toys or try new things. Thank you!

    ADMIN – Hi Megan,

    Thanks for the suggestion. We have added help above.

  3. Tina

    Signing is working great with my daughter! Thank you so much for this website. Is there a sign I could teach her for “help”

  4. mersie

    This is great!! I have an autistic son and use alot of the signing to communtcate with him!!

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