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  1. Cindy

    What is the sign for “my turn”

    ADMIN – Hi Cindy,

    To sign “my turn” Roll an “L” hand back toward your chest. You can actually whack it up against your chest if you are adamant about it being your turn.

  2. Jen

    What is the sign for tickle?

    ADMIN – Hi Jen,

    To sign tickle cup your dominant hand under your chin with fingers extended and “tickle” your chin by wiggling your fingers back and forth.

  3. Joseph

    Hello, may I ask two questions.

    Would you give me the sign for treadmill? That’s one of my son’s favorite activity.

    Would you give me the link for tomorrow? I noticed it was added and I tried to look for it in the search in letter key without success.


    ADMIN – Hi Joseph,

    For treadmill I like to use a combo sign. First sign machine by placing both hands in front of your chest with palms facing you and fingers separated. Now pull your hands down from chest to tummy creating to half moons that face toward the outside. Now follow it with the sign for run

    Now for the sign for tomorrow
    Using your dominant hand with all fingers closed in a fist and thumb up bring your hand from your ear to your chest until your thumb is up as in asking for a ride.

  4. Malcolm

    did you sign for tomorrow for a double movement sign for daily or everyday
    with an a handshape

    we added word Tomorrow

  5. Malcolm

    Here is sign for We Added TO, Middle Finger and index finger palm done back

  6. Mary

    Could you please add “triangle”? I’m working on shapes with my baby. :-)

  7. Dayna

    Could you please add the sign for tomato?

    ADMIN – Hi Dayna,

    You can find the sign for tomato and other wonderful garden signs in this post

  8. Callie

    Can you tell me what the sign for tractor is, please?

    ADMIN – Hi Callie,

    Position your thumb between your index and middle fingers while closing the hands into a fist and mimic steering a large steering wheel back and forth

  9. amy

    Is there a sign for “therapy” or do you just use doctor? For example ” we have to go to therapy.”

    ADMIN – Hi Amy,

    You can just use the sign for doctor. If you want a specific sign for therapy, in ASL, you start with your non-dominant hand flat and your dominant hand in a fist on top of your non-dominant hand with the thumb sticking up. (It looks like an apple on a plate) Then you move both hands upward.

  10. drkim

    May I suggest creating a sign for “danger” or “be careful”?

  11. Anne Mulford

    I love this site! Would you consider adding the sign for “twin” of “twins”? Thank you! Anne

    ADMIN – Hi Anne,

    We have added twin and triplet. Thanks for prompting us to add these signs.

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