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  1. Andrea

    Is there a sign for parrot?

    ADMIN – Hi Andrea

    Curve the index of your dominant hand in front of your nose mimicking a beak. Move it upwards and downwards as if a bird was moving its head up and down.

  2. Diana

    Is there a sign for pomegranate? It’s one of our favorite snacks.

    ADMIN – Hi Diana,

    It is also a favorite of ours. Pomegranate is normally finger spelled. For this reason we use the sign common in Spanish sign language. Mimic the shape a concave fruit with your none-dominant hand and quickly move all your fingers in a motion that looks like casting a spell on top of the palm of the non-dominant hand. The quick motion of fingers wiggling represents the many kernels in a Pomegranate.

  3. Ashley H

    Is there a basic sign for pool? Many of the signs I’ve found seem too complicated. Would it be best to just teach swim?

    ADMIN-Hi Ashley,

    You are correct. Teaching swimming is way easier for baby to learn.

  4. Brenda

    Hello, could you please tell me how do I say ache… so that my baby can tell me if she has for example headache or stomachache…

    Hi Brenda,
    What we usually do is have the little one point to the part that aches and use the sign for hurt. Here is the link for the baby sign for hurt

  5. Deanna

    Please add Penguin, my son’s favorite cartoon is a penguin and we would like to teach him how to ask for it.
    Thank you.

    Admin: The sign for Penguin is achieved by placing both hands waist-high extended toward the front with the palms down. Shuffle your body and arms back and forth as if your hands represent the feet of the penguin. It almost looks like a dance!

  6. Maria

    Hi – do you have a sign for ‘precious’ so I can sign it when explaining why my baby can’t touch something? We love signing with our 16 month old – my big kids love it and are teaching their friends at school how to talk with the baby :)

  7. paula

    Do you have signs for the colors gray pink and gray?

    ADMIN – Hi Paula,

    We have added the signs for both those colors. Thanks for suggesting them.

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