5 Responses to “M Words – Baby Sign Language Dictionary”

  1. Morgan

    Hello, what is the sign for Mango?.. cheers!

    ADMIN – Hi Morgan,

    To do the baby sign for Mango: Extend three middle fingers together from fist, in front of chin, palm downwards. Rotate hand at wrist so that palm faces chin, then back to start position.

  2. Alaina Beaudette

    I know this one may be a bit more difficult, but what is the sign for meerkat?

  3. Jacque

    What is the sign for “mouth”? Thanks!!

    ADMIN – Hi Jacque,

    To do the baby sign language sign for mouth raise your right hand to your mouth and pointing with your index make a circle around your mouth.

  4. savanna

    We would like to know the sign for more please?

    ADMIN – Hi Savanna,

    We have added the sign for more. Appreciate the suggestion.

  5. marilyn

    I am using sign language in our childcare center. thanks so much for your website. it really helps us.

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