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  1. Jack

    What is the sign for Lime?

    Hi Jack,
    Generally, lime is finger spelled, however we like to sign it by making the letter L in front of our face and puckering the way a kid would do it when tasting something tart.

  2. Katrina

    I need the sign language for the word “is” and “inspirational”.

  3. Jennifer

    Is there a sign for ketchup?

    ADMIN: The sign for ketchup looks like trying to get ketchup out of a bottle by smacking the upturned bottle twice dominant hand smacks non dominant is the bottle by closing your hand into a fist.

  4. Jen

    Is there a sign for “listen” or “too loud”? I have also been looking for a baby sign for “yummy”. This has been my go to site for baby signs, my little girl started signing at 6 months, so exciting! thank you!!

    ADMIN – Hi Jen,
    Listen (or hear) is signed by cupping your hand to your ear as if you were straining to listen.

    Loud is signed by touching your finger to your ear then shaking your fists as if you were angry about what you were hearing.

    To day something is yummy or delicious or your favorite, you can tap your middle finger to your chin.

  5. Diana

    I love it… my baby is just 3 months old, but I want to be ready and start the repetitions now, so she is going to be familiar when she is ready….

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