Video: Cereal in Baby Sign Language

Signing: The cereal sign looks like a worm inching along, eating your cereal. Take you dominant hand in a fist with your index finger extending and then retracting as you move your hand along.

Cereal in Baby Sign Language
Figure: Cereal in Baby Sign Language

Usage: If baby’s diet includes cereal – make the sign before you offer them some cereal such as Cheerios.

Cereal Flash Card Thumbnail

Flash Card: Click the link to view the Cereal Baby Sign Language Flash Card. The flash cards are printable and available in both U.S. Letter and A4 sizes.

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4 Responses to “Cereal”

  1. Monica

    My son and I sign oatmeal as hot cereal then spell it. Eventfully babies will learn to read fingerspelling with context before they can even fingerspell themselves :)

  2. OP

    Is there a specific sign for “oatmeal”, please? Thank you!

  3. Sheridan

    I have seen the sign done as someone spooning cereal into their mouth.

    ADMIN – Hi Sheridan,

    Yes, cereal can also be done that way. If that variation is easier for you, feel free to use it.

  4. nadia

    Just wondering why the video and the flash card are not the same cereal sign I have seen on other sites.

    ADMIN – Hi Nadia,

    Cereal can be signed in a couple of different ways. The other common way of signing cereal looks like you are making your dominant hand into a scoop and scooping cereal out of a bowl (made from your non-dominant hand). Both ways are equally correct.

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