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Easter Signs To Teach Your Baby During The Easter Week

Baby playing with Easter eggs while sitting beside a spilled red basket

We hope your Easter week is off to¬†¬†magnificent start. If you are lucky enough to be on Easter break here is to a lovely fun & family-filled vacation. We have always emphasized the importance of contextually teaching signs; to that end this week is a fantastic opportunity to teach our toddlers seasonally themed signs. Let’s… Reads more »

Christmas Time Baby Sign Language

Best Christmas Gifts for Toddlers Baby Sign Language Kit

We love everything about the holidays and we hope you do too. With a little less than three weeks to go before Christmas we wanted to share with you a few baby sign language Christmas themed signs. We hope to have a great time teaching your toddler seasonally relevant signs. If you have not yet… Reads more »

Top Ten Halloween Safety Tips for Babies & Toddlers

We hope you are looking forward to this awesome evening as much as we are. Because we love your babies and we want you to have an uneventful holiday please take note of the following quick tips for safety and pass them along. You may just save a life or prevent a serious accident.  … Reads more »

Let’s Learn Our Dining Out Baby Signs!

We have already explored the best signs for babies to learn before going camping and to get ready for playground interaction. These activities while fun, don’t take place as frequently as dining out plus the setting allows little ones more freedom related to their behavior and mobility. Today we are going to work on our… Reads more »

Max Goes to the Zoo: Educational Adventures for Signing Toddlers

One of the most humbling things about working with all our fans and friends in the journey of baby sign language is the opportunity to witness how babies develop communication skills. We believe little ones should be exposed to a variety of intellectually and emotionally estimating environments that foster a better understanding of the world… Reads more »

Infant Air Travel-How to Make it Work

Traveling with a baby presents a variety of challenges for the parents, the baby and those sharing the plane with you. Because everyone must eventually face their first time of traveling with baby we wanted to give you some quick tips to make it work. The first step toward making traveling with baby comfortable and… Reads more »

Baby Milestones

We found this nice infographic showing baby milestones by age. As far as baby sign language we find that most babies will know their first sign between five months and 11 months and will explode in signing by month 17 and which time they are showing really fast progress with their verbal skills. We love… Reads more »