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Infant Air Travel-How to Make it Work

Traveling with a baby presents a variety of challenges for the parents, the baby and those sharing the plane with you. Because everyone must eventually face their first time of traveling with baby we wanted to give you some quick tips to make it work. The first step toward making traveling with baby comfortable and… Reads more »

Baby Milestones

We found this nice infographic showing baby milestones by age. As far as baby sign language we find that most babies will know their first sign between five months and 11 months and will explode in signing by month 17 and which time they are showing really fast progress with their verbal skills. We love… Reads more »

How Baby Sign Language Can Help With Separation Anxiety

Yesterday we received this beautiful email from a mom in NYC. Many of you will identify with her struggles and find her words highly encouraging “Dear BabySignLanguage, When my daughter Shala was born we had saved enough money for me to stay at home for her first seven months. I cannot begin to tell you what… Reads more »

Don’t Give Up-Your Baby is Learning at Their Own Pace

I frequently get questions from moms struggling with the pace of learning of their little ones. First-time moms are generally the ones most likely to reach out with concerns hoping that somewhere, somehow there is a by-the-book answer that tells us down to the minute when our babies will reach every single milestone.   General… Reads more »

Mika & Jayde-A Baby Sign Language Video Story

Earlier this year we invited everyone to participate in our Summer of Signing Challenge, Jayde and Mika were the first one to accept the challenge and we were delighted to receive their video where Mika shows us a ton of wonderful baby signs for her favorite things. You still have time to enter the Summer… Reads more »

30 Reasons Why You Will Love Baby Sign Language

1. Baby Sign Language enhances the bond with your child 2. Baby Sign Language reduces frustration 3. Baby Sign Language gives you an early start for new concepts 4. Baby Sign Language facilitates caregiver communication 5. Baby Sign Language increases IQ 6. Baby Sign Language helps siblings work together toward a common goal 7. Baby… Reads more »