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Fun Baby Signs for Fall Chart I Printable

Fall Sign Chart I

I know we all love quick reference guides to help us practice the signs of the season. Let’s get started. Together we can learn many signs useful during the fall holidays and all year long. Click here to print your baby sign language fall signs Chart I

Using Baby Sign Language to Help Your Baby Overcome Nocturnal Fears

  Nocturnal separation anxiety is real. Throughout human history having companionship, particularly the companionship of an adult has been associated with safety. After all, our ancestors were mostly nocturnal hunters often leaving children alone and exposed to predators. Nocturnal fears are not exclusive to children sleeping alone. Many parents that co-sleep report babies and toddlers… Reads more »

Baby Sign Language at the Farm

The weather is much nicer, state fairs are popping all over the country and many of us are planning visits to farms and pumpkin patches. Here is a nifty quick printable courtesy of our friend hellobee.

Our Labor Day Baby Sign Language Printable Set – Learn Five Fun Professions With Your Toddler

We were quite tempted to gift you with a set of printable focused on fun to help you highlight our last summer holiday. Instead, we are going to share the signs for five really wonderful professions that will spark your child’s imagination. Teaching our little ones about work will expand their horizon and will help… Reads more »

Vidah’s Baby Sign Language Video & Story

One of the best ways to encourage new moms and dads to use baby sign language is through sharing the testimony of other parents, learning about their successes and their struggles. We are so fortunate to have many friends who have generously shared their baby sign language journey. Meet Vidah. Vidah Mia is Veronica’s little… Reads more »