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Vidah’s Baby Sign Language Video & Story

One of the best ways to encourage new moms and dads to use baby sign language is through sharing the testimony of other parents, learning about their successes and their struggles. We are so fortunate to have many friends who have generously shared their baby sign language journey. Meet Vidah. Vidah Mia is Veronica’s little… Reads more »

Fares Baby Sign Language Story

Luisa, Fernando & Fares

Sign, Baby Sign! Meet our little friend Fares. His parents Luisa & Fernando have been hard at work teaching Fares as many signs as he is willing to learn. Not only is Fares learning baby sign language, he is also hard at work in expanding his English vocabulary as well as his native language, Spanish…. Reads more »

Theodora Uses Baby Sign Language

Meet baby Theodora. At 18-months old Theodora knows signs that help her communicate needs and explore the world around her. Baby Theodora loves signing, with the help of her mom who is a counselor, Theodora is able to replace screaming, crying and tantrums with signing to help her parents, relatives and caregivers give her exactly… Reads more »

How To Integrate Sensory Development to Your Baby Sign Language Teaching Plan

baby tastes

We often take sensory development for granted until our babies show delays on how they perceive the world around them. Teaching our little ones to interpret and properly respond to their surroundings based on what their senses perceive is essential to a healthy development. Baby sign language is a very hands-on process where parents and… Reads more »

Kaydence Signs! Watch Her Video Showing Her Favorite Baby Signs & Read Her Story

Kaydence Signs

“My sign language journey started roughly 12 years ago, before I was even out of high school. My sister, Debbie, and her husband, Kris, were teaching their first daughter, Lainey, ASL and I saw the immediate benefits on both sides. Communication wasn’t stressful but gratifying. It wasn’t impossible but exciting. It also made learning fun… Reads more »