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Want to Improve Both Verbal & Motor Skills at Once? Let’s Work on Farm Animals Sounds and Signs


Your baby is walking, eating solid foods and reaching endless milestones. The basics of signing have served their purpose allowing you for early bonding and empowering your baby to feel confident about the world that surrounds him. Mama & Papa are now a common happenstance as he or she starts to babble and everyone is… Reads more »

Air Despair? Baby Sign Language Comes To The Rescue

With holiday travel just around the corner many new parents are in a sea of anxiety over traveling for the first time with their baby or toddler. We get it. Traveling with a little one means stress for everyone. Planes are crowded and unfamiliar, travelers are inpatient and babies are faced with cabin pressure and… Reads more »

A Fun Thanksgiving Rhyme To Sing & Sign

  I have a turkey, big and fat. He spreads his tail and walks like that. His daily corn he would not miss. And when he talks, it sounds like this: Gobble Gobble Gobble Flash cards to print: Turkey Big Corn Talk Ready to learn hundreds of signs with your baby? Our baby sign language… Reads more »

Great Baby Rhymes & Signs to Learn & Teach Today

Rhymes are our first step to literacy. Through repetition your baby will learn how language works while improving his memorization skills. Learning rhymes helps your little one by giving him the capability to intuitively recognize syntax. Knowledge learned through memorization and repetition of well-known rhymes will also allow your baby to transfer principles of language… Reads more »

Babies Need Stimulation. Learn How Baby Signs Help With Eye Contact, Motricity & Emotional Bonding

At about six to eight weeks your baby will begin to have noticeable eye contact as well as emotional response to interactions with caregivers and those around him or her. Our response to their initial attempts to interact is essential to proper development and can give a baby a significant advantage over their peers. When… Reads more »

Trying the Controversial Cry it Out Method? Learn How Baby Sign Language Can Help You Take a Gentler Approach

In his 1985 book Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems (revised and expanded in 2006), pediatrician Richard Ferber introduced a method of getting children to sleep that has become known as “Ferberizing” or Cry out method. To put it briefly the method consists in allowing the baby to cry briefly before providing comfort. The cry it out method is usually… Reads more »

Fun Baby Signs for Fall Chart I Printable

Fall Sign Chart I

I know we all love quick reference guides to help us practice the signs of the season. Let’s get started. Together we can learn many signs useful during the fall holidays and all year long. Click here to print your baby sign language fall signs Chart I

Using Baby Sign Language to Help Your Baby Overcome Nocturnal Fears

  Nocturnal separation anxiety is real. Throughout human history having companionship, particularly the companionship of an adult has been associated with safety. After all, our ancestors were mostly nocturnal hunters often leaving children alone and exposed to predators. Nocturnal fears are not exclusive to children sleeping alone. Many parents that co-sleep report babies and toddlers… Reads more »