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Learning to Sign Modes of Transport With Baby

Regardless of gender we as parents are likely to realize quite soon that babies love the idea of going places. Babies love walks, rides, strollers and anything that speaks of adventure. Often we think of modes of transportation in the context of little boys only, but let’s not neglect our girls. By equipping our little… Reads more »

Baby Sign Language is About Communication-The Story of Persephone & Her Sippy

If you have been a friend of you probably know that we are community-oriented and pretty frequently rely in the support of our social media fans and friends to encourage each other and try to understand the progress of our own babies in light of the experiences of other families. Knowing what other parents… Reads more »

Baby Sign Language Kit Sneak Preview

We are excited to announce four new Baby Sign Language products. The products, a teaching guide, a dictionary, flash cards, and a wall chart will be available individually or bundled together as a kit. The Baby Sign Language Guide Book covers everything you need to know about teaching your child how to sign. Beginning with… Reads more »

Smiles Are Signs Too

I was fortunate enough to see my son smile in the delivery room shortly after his weigh in and measurements were all taken. He opened his bright blue eyes and smiled at family and friends right away. This was our very first baby sign language milestone! After all, is there any better way to say… Reads more »

Baby sign language at home & on the road

Perhaps your little one is already a well-versed signer and is quickly showing progress on verbal skills. The basics are covered and you seldom see tantrums or meltdowns.  As their world expands we are compelled to expose them to new vocabulary. Some new words have day-to-day application others are very distant to their surroundings but… Reads more »

Hooray for Signing & Playing-Simple Steps for the Novice Play Group Lead

More & more sign language for babies is becoming a chore element of most early child development curriculums. The experts agree; the emotional & cognitive benefits resulting from having a tool for early communication will make a life-changing difference in the lives of babies and parents.   Urban epicenters and densely populated suburban areas often… Reads more »