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The Baby Signs That Empower – How to Teach Our Toddlers To Give & Receive Physical Affection on Their Terms

Yesterday I walked through the Valentine’s candy aisle and could not help it notice the abundance of references to hugs and kisses. I love Valentine’s and have beautiful memories of making crafts and baking goodies throughout the years. I also have not-so-sweet recollections of teasing by my siblings and friends through the use of childhood… Reads more »

How to Conquer Baby Sign Language One Month at a Time

If you are new to baby sign language you are probably wondering how the magic happens. Millions of babies are learning how to communicate as early as six months old. To help you set the stage for successful learning we have a section totally dedicated to newbies. Consider spending time reviewing and learning the basics… Reads more »

Want to Improve Both Verbal & Motor Skills at Once? Let’s Work on Farm Animals Sounds and Signs

Your baby is walking, eating solid foods and reaching endless milestones. The basics of signing have served their purpose allowing you for early bonding and empowering your baby to feel confident about the world that surrounds him. Mama & Papa are now a common happenstance as he or she starts to babble and everyone is… Reads more »