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How To Integrate Sensory Development to Your Baby Sign Language Teaching Plan

baby tastes

We often take sensory development for granted until our babies show delays on how they perceive the world around them. Teaching our little ones to interpret and properly respond to their surroundings based on what their senses perceive is essential to a healthy development. Baby sign language is a very hands-on process where parents and… Reads more »

Kaydence Signs! Watch Her Video Showing Her Favorite Baby Signs & Read Her Story

Kaydence Signs

“My sign language journey started roughly 12 years ago, before I was even out of high school. My sister, Debbie, and her husband, Kris, were teaching their first daughter, Lainey, ASL and I saw the immediate benefits on both sides. Communication wasn’t stressful but gratifying. It wasn’t impossible but exciting. It also made learning fun… Reads more »

Thank You Georgia Preschool Association For Letting Us Be Part of Your Annual Conference

The team at is often invited to participate in a variety of educational events aimed at early child development professionals. Whether we come in as a keynote speaker or as a supplemental breakout session we always come in full of enthusiasm and depart full of hope having built new friendships with amazing professionals tasked… Reads more »

Baby Sign Language Training, Workshops, Keynote Sessions, Conferences & Other Fun Stuff

Thousands of early childhood educators and speech therapists have embraced the importance of baby sign language as a transitional communication tool for pre-verbal children. This is great news for everyone, particularly for the little ones that are benefiting directly from having the means to convey basic needs. Recently one of our founders had the opportunity… Reads more »

Context or Repetition? Learn Which One Matters Most When It Comes to Baby Sign Language & Watch a Fantastic TED Talk!

Signing With Your Baby

Raising a baby comes with endless questions all rooted on our deep desire to give our kiddos the very best opportunity to have a successful and happy life. We want to make sure that we are doing whatever it takes to maximize our baby’s potential. That is why we are not surprised when we receive… Reads more »