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Baby Sign Language For The Playground

As the weather becomes milder opportunities to do outdoor activities will certainly increase. For those of you entering the toddler stage it will be your very first opportunity to improve motor skills and enhance social skills by interacting at your local playground.   Now that your baby has mastered need-based signs such as milk, more,… Reads more »

Beyond Shyness – This is How Baby Sign Language Can Help You Overcome Toddler Social Anxiety

It is surprising how early in life we begin to show personality traits. Some of us are exuberant, others gentle and a few of us are shy. Unfortunately sometimes what we perceive as shyness is simply the very first symptoms of social anxiety. Among other behaviors toddlers with social anxiety exhibit some of the following:… Reads more »

Learn How Baby Sign Language Improves the Learning & Social Dynamics at Daycare

  We frequently receive correspondence from early child development professionals looking for ways to introduce babies to baby sign language in the classroom environment. We have received numerous reports from educators around the globe highlighting how baby sign language has been helpful in their classrooms and play groups. Based on the feedback we have received… Reads more »

Ten Things You Can Do To Help Your Child Who Has Been Diagnosed With Apraxia of Speech

If you are reading this chances are you have entered a journey of discovery and learning after your child has finally received an accurate diagnostic addressing speech delays, specifically expressive skills. One of the best news about a diagnosis of apraxia is that your child’s receptive language skills are likely to be typical. Your child… Reads more »

Looking for a Durable Sign Language Resource? Baby Sign Language Flashcards Are Your Ticket to Long-Term Learning

It is not uncommon for people to ask us if baby sign language can be used after a child becomes verbal. The answer to this question is a resounding yes. Our baby sign language educational materials are based on American Sign Language (ASL) making them the perfect foundation for a lifetime of learning. Our flashcards… Reads more »