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Sophia Signs! A Baby Sign Language Video Story That Will Melt Your Heart

Sophia Signs

Sometimes asking a question can unearth beautiful stories worth sharing. A few days ago we received a video submission featuring a beautiful little girl signing her heart away with great enthusiasm. Her mom forwarded her video as part of our popular Summer of Signing Challenge. In response to her submission we asked a few questions… Reads more »

A Baby Sign Language Video Story- Rebecca Signs Using Baby Sign Language Flash Cards

When the team at embarked in the mission of creating the most durable and didactic baby sign language flash cards we wanted a product that made sense in terms of size, texture, visual feedback and simplicity in use. Recently we received Rebecca’s baby sign language story and video. Rebecca along with her proud mom… Reads more »

Baby Sign Language Can Help in the Early Stages of Apraxia Interventions

Baby Sign Language for Apraxia

If your toddler has been diagnosed with apraxia you alongside with your speech therapist are in the search for the best protocols to help your child communicate and achieve progress in terms of developing verbal skills. What is Apraxia? According to the American Speech-Language Hearing Association ASLH Childhood apraxia of speech (CAS) is a motor… Reads more »

Learn How Baby Sign Language Improves the Learning & Social Dynamics at Daycare


We frequently receive correspondence from early child development professionals looking for ways to introduce babies to baby sign language in the classroom environment. We have received numerous reports from educators around the globe highlighting how baby sign language has been helpful in their classrooms and play groups. Based on the feedback we have received we… Reads more »