Max Goes to the Zoo: Educational Adventures for Signing Toddlers

One of the most humbling things about working with all our fans and friends in the journey of baby sign language is the opportunity to witness how babies develop communication skills.

sign language at the zoo

We believe little ones should be exposed to a variety of intellectually and emotionally estimating environments that foster a better understanding of the world that surrounds them. Last week we shared with you a sweet and wonderful adventure at the Perot Museum of Science. It was lovely to see Max navigate in a new environment and use his signs to communicate needs and learn new signs.

This week we are sharing with you A Day at the Zoo. I had the opportunity to join Max and his family for this little field trip and was super impressed at his comfort with the world that surrounds him and his ability to reach out in a social context. Max frequently reached out to other babies and attempted to communicate using both words and signs

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