Signing Grandparents

I know that my daughter isn’t the only baby out there with wonderful, adoring grandparents. I hope that your babies are similarly blessed with extended family members (I’ll refer to grandparents here, but this applies to all loved ones) who are involved in their very special young lives. Do your baby’s grandparents know about Baby Sign Language? If you are practicing BSL then it is time to bring the grandparents on board, too!

Getting other family members on board with signing helps increase baby’s exposure. And having other people on board also helps you stick with it. Grandparents love it as well, because it gives them an activity they can do with grandchildren.

If the grandparents are web-savvy, send them to over to our site. Otherwise, teach them a few basic signs in person. We recommend that grandparents start by learning the signs for grandma, grandpa, and two or three basic signs that are most relevant. Once they see how much fun (and useful!) it is to use Baby Sign Language, they are certain to be as enthusiastic about signing as you and your baby are.

Practice is the key to signing success. Every signing adult that your baby interacts with will offer opportunities to practice. Baby will be able to communicate more effectively with adults who understand Baby Sign Language. Ultimately, this increased communication will strengthen those relationships. What grandparent doesn’t want to be even closer to the beloved baby in their life?

Share your enthusiasm for Baby Sign Language with your baby’s grandparents and other special adults. You might just win a few new signing enthusiasts to join the fun!

4 Responses to “Signing Grandparents”

  1. Nicki

    My daughter has two sets of grandparents who love to sign with her. Is there a way to differentiate between the two grandmas and grandpas?

    ADMIN-Hi Nicki

    We do it by signing grandma plus first initial.

  2. Jodi

    Teaching baby sign to my newest grandson who I see on a daily basis. I learned about babies signing from my granddaughter who taught it to my great granddaughter. She could tell her mom she was hungry before she could talk. My grandson is a missionary in Jamaica to the deaf for Jehovah’s Witnesses. About 10 % of the people in the country are deaf from lack of medical care when young. He is teaching sign to a 35 year old man who has never been able to communicate with his family. It is a good language for all of us to learn. We are never too old to learn, so we are learning together.

  3. kathyn

    Great post!! I agree–grandparents love to sign and should be involved in the signing process

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